Our Security Services
       IT security is not a single product nor is it a single solution. IT security is an on ongoing process of reviewing and improving based on changes the organization environment is going through. It is the culmination of interaction
between people, process and technology. These three key elements determine whether an organization's information security infrastructure is efficient and robust enough to manage the everyday information security risks.
         Every organization that connects to the Internet, no matter how small, should have an IT security infrastructure in place. Naturally an organization would definitely require a comprehensive information security infrastructure as well as a complementary information security program. NetSecure will help you build IT security infrastructure and program which must be designed to:

Protect against any security threats to the customer information
Protect against any security threats to the customer information
Prevent unauthorized access or use of customer information that could result in considerable damage or inconvenience to any customer
         In addition, it is imperative to design a robust security architecture that is consistent with the renowned ISO 17799 standard, which is practiced globally by conglomerates. NetSecure Security Services are well aligned with the standard which cover but not limited to the following scope of work:
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
IT Security Policy Development
Security Architecture Design
Implementation Plan and Procedure
Security Consulting
Our Product Focus
         NetSecure carries wide range of IT security products covering both network and application systems. The followings are some of the products currently available:

Network Security
Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Security Consulting
Anti-virus Software
Anti-Spam Mail Software

Application Security
Single-sign On System
Password Authentication System
Admin Audit System
Our Business Alliances
          WatchGuard‚ is a leading provider of dynamic, comprehensive Internet security solutions designed to protect enterprises that use the Internet for e-business and secure communications. The company was a pioneer in the creation of the plug-and-play Internet security appliance and offers solutions for any size organization - from large enterprises with geographically dispersed offices and telecommuting employees to home offices with a single broadband connection. WatchGuard's layered defense approach delivers strong, dependable network security solutions. Defense in depth security can be tailored to fit the needs of every enterprise, regardless of size.
         NetScreen Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of integrated network security solutions that offer the security, performance, and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and carriers. NetScreen's innovative solutions provide key security technologies such as virtual private networks, denial of service protection, antivirus, firewall, and intrusion detection and prevention in a line of easy-to-manage security appliances and systems.
          Allot offers the industry's broadest range of bandwidth management solutions with a combination of hardware/software products that suit any network configuration. The NetEnforcer‚ family of LAN appliances offer best-of-class traffic shaping technology for QoS/SLA enforcement, real-time IP monitoring, IP accounting and load balancing. The NetReality‚ family of WAN appliances offers award-winning technology for QoS/SLA enforcement, real-time IP monitoring and IP accounting.
         Enterasys Networks provides intelligent, best-in-class infrastructure solutions to enterprise customers. With one of the industry's broadest product portfolios-plus a full range of service and support offerings-Enterasys is uniquely qualified to meet the evolving needs of today's businesses.
          i-Sprint Innovations is a leading provider of enterprise application security solutions. Our latest generation of products makes it easy for financial institutions, security sensitive organizations and large corporations to centralize security administration, authorization, authentication and audit services of their business applications. Our security technology empowers our customers to reduce growing IT administration costs and enforce security policies for access to critical business information. i-Sprint's suite of security solutions that include AccessMatrixƒ Universal Access Management, AccessMatrixƒ Universal Sign-On, AccessMatrixƒ Universal Secure Mobile and Enterprise AdminGuardƒ are designed to meet the stringent requirements of any security sensitive environment, thus enabling our clients to enjoy end-to-end security and secure access to mission critical applications.
         McAfee Security for Consumers is a division of Network Associates, Inc. that delivers world-class retail and online solutions designed to secure, protect and optimize the computers of consumers and home office users. McAfee's advanced retail desktop solutions include premier anti-virus, security, encryption, and desktop optimization software. McAfee's managed Web security services employ a patented system and process of delivering software through an Internet browser to provide these services to users online through its Web site www.mcafee.com, one of the largest paid subscription sites on the Internet with over two million active paid subscribers. All McAfee products are backed with the respected anti-virus research organization, McAfee AVERT, which protects McAfee customers against the latest and most complex virus attacks.
          Trend Micro, Inc. is a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Founded in 1988 by Steve Chang, the company led the migration of virus protection from the desktop to the network server and the Internet gateway - gaining a reputation for vision and technological innovation along the way. Today, Trend Micro focuses on providing customers with comprehensive security strategies to manage
the impacts of known and unknown threats to information, through such initiatives as Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy. Citing its strategy and vision, the Gartner Group has hailed Trend Micro as a visionary malicious-code management supplier for four consecutive years.
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